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Got a viable business idea?  We can help you grow it!

Enterprise Angels (EA) members and EA Funds will consider investing in businesses from most industry sectors and stages of growth (see a list of investee companies here). In terms of sectors, like most Angel investors, EA invests regularly in IT startups but EA is also known for its significant investments in agritech, engineering and food sector companies. When it comes to stage the ideal time to approach EA is when you have a ready for market product.

Are you a social enterpreneur? We want to hear from you!

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Is Angel investment right for your company?

The key factors our members look for in businesses they invest in are:

  • Scalability (worldwide)
  • Unique product/service (preferably with some IP attached)
  • New Zealand based
  • Capable and aspirational founder who understands the value of (and wants) investors

What stage are you at?

We are interested to know whether you have:

  • a validated business idea - if not, check out our business validation page
  • a market ready product
  • proven customers (i.e. paying customers)

Are you Investment Ready?

Investment Ready essentially means you have the documents ready to obtain funding, including:

  • Business plan including valuation;
  • Investment statement;
  • 3 year minimum financial projections; and
  • a drop sheet (1 page summary of the above) from here

Please fill in the form on the right of this page providing as much information as possible.

If you think Angel investment is right for your company and you are investment ready, please complete the form on this page.  We look forward to hearing about your exciting opportunity.

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