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Got a viable business idea?  We can help you grow it!

Enterprise Angels members and EA Funds will consider investing in businesses from most industry sectors and stages of growth (see a list of investee companies here). In terms of sectors, like most Angel investors, EA invests regularly in IT startups but EA is also known for its significant investments in agritech, engineering and food sector companies. When it comes to stage the ideal time to approach EA is when you have a ready for market product.

Is Angel investment right for your company?

The key factors our members look for in businesses they invest in are:

  • Scalability (worldwide)
  • Unique product/service (preferably with some IP attached)
  • New Zealand based
  • Capable and aspirational founder who understands the value of (and wants) investors

What stage are you at?

We are interested to know whether you have:

  • a validated business idea - if not, check out our business validation page
  • a market ready product
  • proven customers (i.e. paying customers)
  • investment documentation below is required to obtain funding:
    • Business plan including valuation;
    • Investment statement;
    • 3 year minimum financial projections; and
    • a drop sheet (1 page summary of the above).

Please fill in the form on the right of this page providing as much information as possible.

Further help

If you require general help in preparing for investment, we work with a number of partners who can help, check out our Investment Ready page.  Other specialists that might be able to help you on your entreprenuerial journey are:

  • Locus Research (Tauranga) are experts at developing innovative products that deliver breakthrough results.  If you have a product concept, the team at Locus Research are ready to help.  Contact Daniel Faris
  • WNT Ventures (Tauranga) is a technology focused incubator that invests into IP-rich technology in the Primary sector.  WNT provides early stage investment capital of up to $600,000 from a strong group of investors comprising two NZ angel groups, deeply commercial individuals and institutional capital as well as NZ government-backing via Callaghan Innovation's Repayable Grant scheme.   Entering into the WNT Ventures tech incubator programme gives companies access to networks, both domestic and international, commercial support and advice around strategic planning, team building, intellectual property, capital raising, market validation, governance and international growth to name a few.  WNT's core focus is on identifying and resourcing the growth of great technology, products and ideas that users love.    Contact: Carl Jones (CEO) 021 666 375 or carl@wntventures.co.nz; or Jon Sandbrook, 027 229 9229 or jon@wntventures.co.nz.
  • Venture Centre (Tauranga) is an entirely entrepreneur led and funded entrepreneurship hub which connects people on enterprising journeys with each other, and the skills, knowledge, resources, tools, technologies and networks they need to succeed. Their HQ is at Basestation, the Communications and Technology co-working space where they run regular connection and learn-by-doing event. Venture Centre provides access to a wide range of coaches, mentors, advisors, experts and facilitators who work with founders and business owners from as early as business concept development. Venture Centre focuses on activating and developing your entrepreneurial talent. Contact Jo Allum.
  • SODA Inc. is a destination business incubator based in the Waikato, but operates its programmes remotely nationwide.   We help founders identify the best team of experts that are relevant to their business and cover their costs while in the programme.  SODA programmes are about getting clients thinking right and executing.  Clients will be pushed, tested, asked to deliver and held accountable for the growth of their business by their chosen Business Growth Advisor.  SODA is sector agnostic, however the majority of our client companies operate in agriculture, niche manufacturing, business services, digital, health and education.  We also run several key entrepreneurship and innovation events with national reach.
  • Sprout Agritech Accelerator Programme: Sprout has one goal in mind…help entrepreneurs grow global agritech businesses from New Zealand. Every year Sprout identifies the best eight agritech start-ups in New Zealand.  Over five months the start-ups and entrepreneurs will receive funding, alongside world class mentorship and training from leaders in technology, research and business growth.  Companies will receive unparalleled access to the New Zealand and global farming network to validate and grow their businesses.  At the end of the programme start-ups will have an opportunity to pitch to a hand-picked group of investors, corporate partners and potential customers to support the continuation of the rapid progress achieved through the Sprout programme.  If you have the next global agritech idea and want to speak to one of the Sprout team register via the www.sproutagritech.com or get in touch with Stu Bradbury: stu@sproutagritech.com or 021 511 983.
  • Financials and valuations: Crowe Horwath, KPMG, Lellman Wearne, Beker Findlay Allan.
  • Legal advice and Business Plans: Cooney Lees Morgan, Sharp Tudhope.
  • Better by Capital is run by NZTE and will help you become investment ready, understand and identify the best approaches and investment sources for your business and access investor networks.  Please contact Alex Wong (alex.wong@nzte.govt.nz) [North Island] or Michelle Cole (michelle.cole@nzte.govt.nz) [Wellington or South Island].
  • KPMG  is a service provider for NZTE’s Capability Development Voucher Scheme which provides funding to assist New Zealand businesses looking to grow and innovate.  KMPG has business advisors available to help you and / or key managers identify needs and opportunities to grow your business and support R&D activities. Please contact Glenn Keaney on (gkeaney@kpmg.co.nz).

If you think Angel investment is right for your company and you are investment ready, please complete the form on this page.  We look forward to hearing about your exciting opportunity.

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