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Pitch Nights

The Enterprise Angels Pitch Nights are where a company presents their business opportunity to a group of potential investors.

The purpose of this is to attract the capital and experienced investors required to accelerate the start-up and achieve growth and success.

Enterprise Angels Pitch Nights are held bi-monthly (in Tauranga and Hamilton) and attract an audience of between 50 and 70 members and guests.

If you are Investment Ready you will must be able to provide the following information:

  • Business plan including valuation;
  • Investment statement;
  • 3 year minimum financial projections; and
  • a drop sheet (1 page summary of the above).

If you have all of this information available, please email it to us.

If you require help in compiling this documentation, check out our partners who can offer assistance here.

All applications to pitch are subject to approval by the Enterprise Angels Screening Committee.  The Committee evaluates each application to determine whether the investment opportunity has been sufficiently prepared and whether there is likely to be enough investment interest to lead the deal to completion.

There is no cost to the applicant to pitch, however, if the pitch results in investment from a group of Enterprise Angels members, a commission on capital raised will apply.

If there is sufficient investor interest following the Pitch Night, a follow on meeting is arranged between the entrepreneur and group of interested investors to enable the investors to gain a better understanding of the opportunity and move forward with due diligence and term negotiations.


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