Investment Ready Part 1: Validate your business idea

The first step for anyone with a great idea or two is to validate it – can your idea be turned into a business?

If you have not yet undertaken market validation, we recommend the following resources.

Ministry of Business and Innovation

Evaluate your idea with the Business idea template tool on the MBIE website.

Venture Centre

Venture Centre offers courses such as the Startup Kit to entrepreneurs and innovators for very early stage business development and validation with the goal of getting your business to the stage where you may be invited to present at the Bay of Plenty Showcase and eventually to pitch for startup capital at a Member Meeting.  Venture Centre is located at the Basestation (148 Durham Street, Tauranga).

Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is a community, not-for-profit organisation which works with entrepreneurial communities across New Zealand to bring people together for a 54-hour business startup experience.

Tauranga Startup Weekend is organised by a committee of entrepreneurs and business owners who are active members of the Bay of Plenty eco-system.

There are several ways you can get involved in Startup Weekend to develop your skills, build your network and give you experience of the early-early stages of business development, customer validation, acquisition, relationship management and much more.

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