Capital Raising Part 3: Pitching to Investors

Pitching to Angels is your opportunity and to “set the hook” with prospective investors.


Details shared during the presentation and Q&A session should remain high-level and need to cover the below points:

  1. An introduction to the business
  2. A discussion of the pain you are solving and the size of the opportunity
  3. An outline of progress to date
  4. Information about the competitive landscape
  5. Explanation of your IP position
  6. Financial projections and COGS, key assumptions, pricing etc.
  7. Detail on the management team
  8. An outline of “the deal” including:
    a. the quantum of funding sought
    b. the company’s pre-money valuation
    c. how you will utilise the money

Your pitch should be a maximum of 10 minutes, and is followed by a 5 minute Q&A session.


We will always encourage you to have your pitch recorded so we can share with members who are not able to attend on the night, and so you can also use elsewhere also.

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