Cucumber is NZ’s primary sector innovation partner.

The world needs NZ primary produce. It’s our food future for a growing population. The mission is to produce more with less, as well as provide quality and transparency.

New Zealand is primed to solve this challenge; with our rich history of sustainability, our fertile environment for testing, our revered track record in producing homegrown technologies, and our talent.

But this mission is being compromised by rising primary pressures including; increased compliance, labour shortages, outdated systems, climate implications, economic pressures and environmental and resource constraints.

Supporting NZ’s primary into the future, Cucumber brings its proximity to primary into practice, starting every project with ‘FIELD UX’ – a real world observation of the challenge and experiences unique to the real people on the ground and then creates tailored technology which can automate, maximise, and optimise – creating efficiencies to unlock the potential yet to be realised.

With its partners, Cucumber are creating a future-focused food-system. Their mission is to deliver a better world tomorrow – moving from volume to value, to cement New Zealand as the world’s most efficient, effective, and sustainable producers.