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Foreign Exchange for most people is a dark science with little transparency and rates seem a moving feast. For individuals heading along to buy their cash for the overseas holidays, this is their only real exposure to having to deal Foreign Exchange. For many in business, that too has been their initiation to currency markets and yet as their businesses have expanded or those that are just starting out, they have little experience about what to do, how to seek advice and what alternatives are available.

At OMF we specialise in helping SMEs, Start Ups and those Individuals needing to transfer money offshore. We are currently dealing for many of Enterprise Angels investee Companies and are helping them understand the markets, how they can best achieve a better outcome on their FX rates and how to manage their exposures, as opposed to an ad hoc system, which is effectively punting on where FX rates may head. On average we save Companies 50% on their FX conversions which equates to thousands of dollars, which heads straight to the bottom line, without having to sell anymore widgets. There are many products available in the FX markets which Companies can use and ensuring they fit your requirements is essential. We can offer all of this advice and look at your exposures and design a Policy that fits your needs.

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