Do you want fries with that ...

Upselling: the sales technique aimed at persuading customers to purchase a more expensive, upgraded or premium version of the chosen item or other add-ons for the purpose of making a larger sale

At Enterprise Angels we may not be about “selling products”, however we can increase engagement by “upselling” methods of engagement alongside investment opportunities.

We don’t have shops and counters like McDonalds, however we do have a website, pitch nights and staff talking to customers in all channels – are we maximising these tools and interactions to “upsell”?

Have you:

  • Updated your profile via the website?
  • Registered for events on the website?
  • Used the website to find information to share with the people you are talking to?
  • In this ever changing world, do you feel the website accurately represents us, the service we offer, and the best opportunity for people to engage with us?

We think this is an important part of knowing your company, and how you can help anyone you talk to engage with us.

How well do you know our Company?  Take this quiz to find out.

Risk Warning: Investing in early stage companies involves risk and should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Offers facilitated by Enterprise Angels are for Wholesale Investors who make their own investment decisions and understand the risks. Read the full risk warning.