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If you are interested in helping early stage New Zealand companies, we would certainly encourage you to become a member as you will receive:

  • Priority access to deals
  • Member induction and workshops
  • Pitch Nights where you hear from early stage companies and network with like-minded members
  • Participation in Due Diligence
  • Access to the full Due Diligence reports on each deal
  • Follow-up meetings where you can discuss the deal more fully with the Entrepreneur
  • Opportunities to vet and screen deals, mentor new members, become an Investor Director and the eligibility to be voted onto the EA Board

The camaraderie and networking opportunities provided to EA members are highly valued.  No one can be an expert in every industry so being a member of EA enables members to get to know each other's backgrounds and draw on each other's specific industry expertise to evaluate opportunities and then actively manage them. Bi-monthly Pitch Nights provide an opportunity to hear about new investment opportunities, meet with entrepreneurs and mingle with other members. Potential investments are discussed collectively and issues and advice are freely exchanged in a totally confidential environment.

It is important to know that by joining EA, no one will be expecting you to invest in businesses from day one. You will be given the opportunity to attend pitches, follow-on investor meetings and due diligence meetings. If an opportunity arises where you have the specific experience required, you may take the opportunity to work on the due diligence team or even become part of a Board. While formal courses and access to industry statistics and best practice is very important, the best way to learn is by actually working on deals with others. 

EA membership also offers an opportunity to develop new skills by encouraging involvement in the investment process. Opportunities to participate in due diligence and take on a ‘Lead Investor’ role are available to members, with coaching and support provided to fulfill these roles. 

In addition, EA runs several education seminars available to members, including sessions on governance, due diligence and Angel 101 education, along with various other subjects of interest, often provided by visiting international Angel extraordinaires.  And experienced EA investors often take up Board positions (Investor Director) representing a syndicate of EA investors.

You can become one of our valued members in 2 simple steps:

  1. Complete our online application
  2. If your application has not been referred or endorsed by an existing EA member then you may be required to meet with a Board member.

Receipt of your application will be acknowledged via email and tabled at the next Board Meeting (held bi-monthly) for approval.

Once your application has been approved, you will receive a welcome letter and membership invoice and you will begin receiving regular updates, invitations and information regarding investment events and opportunities.

EA also brings you AngelEquity, our online wholesale investor platform where we present our current and historical deals to our members and other potential investors and acquisition partners, we strongly recommend you register on Angel Equity as well as applying for Enterprise Angels Membership.

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