About EA Nominee Ltd

Meet the board and understand what we do.

Enterprise Angels offers a nominee service whereby investments are held and administered on your behalf by EA Nominee Ltd.  EA Nominee Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Enterprise Angels Incorporated.


What we offer Investee Companies

The legal title of investors’ holdings is registered in the name of EA Nominee Ltd and we hold them on their behalf in a bare trustee capacity.  Investors retain legal beneficial ownership at all times.

What are the benefits?

Minimises the number of shareholders listed on the share register and the companies office as all underlying investors are registered under EA Nominee Ltd

Simplifies the communication process between investee companies and their investors

Saves time managing responses to Corporate Actions (resolutions, future fund raising pre-emptive rights etc) from all investors

Shareholder continuity for tax losses

Allows for simpler reconciliation between investee companies Share Register and the Companies Office

What we offer Investors

Most Enterprise Angels members make investments through EA Nominee Ltd, for the convenience.

What are the benefits?

Flexible investment amounts

The ablity to communicate commitments and responses to us via email rather than signing individual agreements.

Six monthly reporting on transactions and holdings

Peace of mind that your holdings are managed by an Audited Custodian – see our latest Independent Assurance Report

Maximises the combined shareholding of smaller investors to increase the chances of retaining voting rights as the company reaches later stages of investment

Our Board

EA Nominee Ltd has its own Board of Directors. The Board currently consists of three directors who are all Enterprise Angels members and understand the specialised area of Angel Investment.


Is EA Nominee Ltd governed by regulatory authorities?

EA Nominee Ltd is a registered company and adheres to the Custodian’s obligations of the Financial Markets Conduct Amendment Regulations 2020. EA Nominee Ltd is audited annually – view our latest Custodial Audit Report.

How can I invest via EA Nominee Ltd?

Talk to Enterprise Angels about whether you are able to invest via EA Nominee Ltd, and then complete an EA Nominee Ltd investor deed from here.