Our Investors

Read why our accomplished angel investors enjoy being part of the Enterprise Angels community.

“Angel investing gives me the ability to keep an interest in new ideas and business opportunities in retirement and an opportunity to both pass on knowledge and keep myself informed of current thinking and ideas in the entrepreneur and business development space. The cooperative assessment – but individual investment, coupled with ability to invest in angel funds means a spread on investments without over exposure to any one idea or opportunity individually.”

Alan Dick

DD Master of the Year 2018 and Angel of the Year 2019

“I am passionate about supporting start-ups and love the rigor of due diligence and the perspective that other Angels bring to each investment opportunity.”

Beppie Holm

“It’s fun! I like the feeling of a more engaged form of investment. Angel Investing is more personal than the share markets. It can be addictive!”

Peter Tinholt

“New Zealand’s ecosystem needs new companies and I want to support people in this space. It’s my way of giving back by helping to build businesses and support growth of our economy. Another major reason is the truly interesting people and ideas that are in this space!”

Julian Elder

“The thing I like about being an angel investor is “making widgets”. By that I mean doing something that is meaningful regarding driving economic growth, employment, and wealth creation. I love seeing fresh, new and innovative ideas, and being able to help turn them into commercial reality. I never cease to be amazed at the wide array of very clever stuff that we get to see as angel investors. And then, by our contribution of capital and often mentoring and contacts, the real buzz comes from seeing these start-up businesses grow and mature. From very humble beginnings we have built some of them up to become significant exporters, employers, and profitable enterprises.

I also like the camaraderie of my fellow angel investors – they are a bunch of very interesting people from all walks of life with a very wide range of skills, experience, and contacts.”

Murray Denyer

“Philosophically, I like the idea of investing capital into things that result in growth in the productive economy. Angel investing provides an opportunity to assist entrepreneurs with good ideas to take those ideas to market, and in doing so grow employment and GDP in NZ.”

Steve Howse

“Quite simply, it’s something different!”

John Cook

“I have been a member of the EA investor community for several years now taking a more active role in the last 24 months. The EA team are committed to ensuring success for both founders and investors and I have recommended EA to many friends, family and associates to gain access to what is in my view a critical investment class helping to support innovative NZ businesses and create wealth.”

Matt McHardy

“Being in the angel space provides me with the opportunities to learn new ideas, work with motivated entrepreneurs and be part of the journey of young high growth companies, which I find very exciting.”

Julian So

“Social interaction with like minded people, hearing new ways of making money and being ahead of the game.”

Neil Craig

“I like the connection with people who have great ideas and are wanting assistance with growth and funding. There are some great New Zealanders with very good startup companies that should not fail because of lack of help. Plus, I wanted to have some of my investments in the high risk/high reward sector, and being a member of Enterprise Angels helps greatly with access to opportunities and risk mitigation.”

Stuart Davey

“So many exciting and varied ideas brought to us by passionate people.”

Dan Keller

“I like finding out about new cool stuff, meeting the people involved, participating and seeing how I can help.”

Deborah Crowe

“Most of my day to day work involves dealing with larger companies that are listed on the stock exchange. Many of these businesses started with funding and support from the likes of Angel Investors. I really enjoy hearing and being part of a group that is enthusiastic and driven to help these new companies turn their visions into reality.

Hamish Coleman

“My angel career started informally. It was a natural part of my business growth strategy. The whole thing for me around the angel world was really about the opportunity to see startups that could interact with the companies that I’m involved with. Because I like the space, and as I’ve started to understand it more I’ve got quite excited about the opportunities and other fields. Plus the Angel network’s quite a good group of people.”

Steve Saunders

“It’s great to see interesting ideas, meet interesting people and have access to interesting opportunities. It’s a thrill being in this community.”

Bill Capamagian

“When I became a member of Enterprise Angels investment network ten years ago, I saw it as a way to give back to the business community. In fact, being an Enterprise Angels member has given back to me. I have increased my skills, mixed with a group of high calibre individuals, and I am constantly excited by the tremendous amount of innovation coming out of New Zealand. It’s fun to be a part of and contribute.”

Daryl French

“I love businesses and want to help businesses grow. I also believe investing in the fund is a great way to get exposure to companies I might not otherwise invest in and gives me a good portfolio experience.”

John Anderson