About EA GP Ltd 

Meet the board, investment committee and understand what we do.

EA GP Limited is a 100% owned subsidiary of Enterprise Angels and is the General Partner of EA Funds 1, 2 and 3.  EA GP has overall responsibility for the operation and management of the Funds. EA GP has entered into an agreement with Enterprise Angels for the provision of day-to-day management and administration services to the Fund.

Our Board

Our Investment Committee

The Investment Committee:

  1. Screens investment opportunities to pitch and/or go into due diligence for fund investment consideration. It considers:
    1. Fund mandate
    2. Key criteria (people, moat, timing, market size, idea with exponential benefit, NZ based/global ambitions)
    3. Whether the opportunity will appeal to the membership (for pitching)
  2. Receives recommendations from Enterprise Angels following due diligence on investment opportunities and decide whether the fund will invest.  The Investment Committee does not undertake due diligence in the normal course of a fund investment, as it relies on Enterprise Angels to drive investment terms and due diligence processes.
  3. Considers and determines holding valuations for fund companies based on information received from Enterprise Angels.

All decisions of the Investment Committee must be ratified by the EA GP Board.