Capital Raising

Find out how to get started, what value we add, what we are looking for, how to apply and how the process works.

Why raise with us?

You only need to provide us with a summary of your offer – preferably using or at least including the information detailed in our Dropsheet Template to get the ball rolling.

We’ll be in touch if we believe your opportunity will appeal to our investors and guide you every step of the way.

Our angel investors are predominantly located in the Bay of Plenty and the Waikato, however in addition we have an extensive nationwide database of wholesale investors who are interested in investing in innovative early stage companies.

The skills and experience of angel investors can make all the difference to whether a young company thrives or fails.

With a crowd of Enterprise Angels investors, you will gain access to a broad range of skills, expertise and contacts.

Only experienced and wealthy (Wholesale) investors can invest in your business through Enterprise Angels with a minimum investment of $10K per company.

All investors will invest via our nominee structure unless otherwise agreed with you and the resultant smaller share register that will resonate better with Venture Capitalists and other later stage funders.

What do we invest in?

Capable and aspirational founders who understand the value of and want angel investors

Unique product or services (preferably with some Intellectual Property rights attached)

Potential to scale internationally

Companies based in New Zealand

How to raise capital with us?

People often underestimate the time involved and the groundwork required in the capital raising process. To gain an  insight into the document preparation and steps involved in raising capital through Angel Investing check out our blog The Capital Raising Process – what’s involved.

Before you raise capital, you need to be investment ready

Enterprise Angels works with the local Tauranga Venture Centre, and also offers Angelic Drop In clinics where you can speak one on one with experienced angels to help you become Investment Ready.

Step 1 : Team review & screening committee

If your opportunity is something we feel our members will invest in, we will be in touch to talk about how we can get you in front of our screening committee to evaluate if it would be worth your while pitching to our investors.

Step 2 : Pitch to members and invited guest investors

We provide guidance on the process. You will pitch to Tauranga and Hamilton audiences and your pitch will be videoed in order to offer to our wider wholesale investor database.

Step 3: Due diligence & deal development

Members with specific experience will undertake due diligence on your opportunity and present the findings at a meeting and in a final report. Due diligence will help inform terms including investor protective provisions. We have template term sheets and investment documentation to streamline this process.

Step 4 : Investment

Your offer will initially be made to Angel Investors, then if it gets traction to NZGCP (formerly NZVIF), our current Fund, and then out to other angel groups and wholesale investors nationwide.

Step 5 : Settlement

We work with your lawyers to prepare necessary documentation, collect funds and compliance information from investors, and pay funds on to you.

Ready to get started?

Useful Guides

The Capital Raising Process – what’s involved.

The Capital Raising Process – what’s involved.

Gaining investment is crucial to the growth of your business, therefore you want to ensure that you are prepared. As a first step we recommend you book in at an Angelic Drop in clinic for general help in preparing for capital raising, You’ll spend an invaluable 20...

Who pays the fees in early-stage investing?

Who pays the fees in early-stage investing?

Whether you’re investing via a Venture Capital Fund (VC), an Angel group nominee or directly into a startup, resourcing is required for deal making and post investment management: undertaking due diligence, facilitating the investment, supporting the startup,...

Elements of an Efficient Capital Raise

Elements of an Efficient Capital Raise

Our recent capital raise with SquareOne was achieved in six weeks from initial contact through to settlement of funds. During this time, working closely with SquareOne, we reviewed investment material, organized an opportunity to Pitch to our members, undertook due...

Key ingredients to a successful pitch.

Key ingredients to a successful pitch.

Firstly, it is important to understand why you are pitching. It is not, as is often assumed, to get investors to open their chequebook. The pitch’s purpose is to get sufficient demand from the audience for a follow-on conversation. Your goal is to create curiosity,...

Pitch Night – What is it all about?

Pitch Night – What is it all about?

The purpose of Pitch Night is to introduce investment ready businesses to our membership as prospective investment opportunities. These early-stage companies could be existing Enterprise Angels portfolio companies returning for further investment, or new opportunities...

What is a nominee holding company?

What is a nominee holding company?

Both angel groups and Venture Capital (VC) funds use nominee companies.  Angel groups use them for most investments and VCs sometimes use them for co-investment opportunities for Limited Partners.  Nominees provide a great deal of value to both investors and investee...

Employer of Choice

Employer of Choice

The world of work is changing rapidly, and attracting people with the right skills and experience is proving a challenge in our region and beyond.  Therefore, it's never been more important for businesses to stand out as an ‘employer of choice’ to attract and retain...

Key tips for Founders starting on their journey

Key tips for Founders starting on their journey

Since we began back in 2008 we have met many entrepreneurs with different ideas, products and concepts, some have gone on to succeed and others not, but all have learnt valuable lessons on the way. Below are some tips Jake Hoffart our Investment Associate has for...

Post Investment: After I have raised capital, what next?

There are a couple of things we need you to keep in mind after we have settled funds. Companies Office We will need you to register our holdings on the Companies Office. Shareholder Communications Enjoy your post-investment relationship with your angel investors. ...

So much more than just funding!

Enterprise Angels offers our portfolio companies so much more than just funding! Expertise The post-investment relationship with Angel Investors is very important. Enterprise Angels Investors may be able to provide expertise, contacts and more. If you want to find out...