Investment Administration Services

Enterprise Angels systems and processes can take the day to day hassle out of your investment and fund administration.

Why Enterprise Angels?

Enterprise Angels has over 10 years’ experience providing Investment Administration Services. We manage fund and investor administration, provide nominee services, and can assist with the complexities involved in the establishment of funds.

Managing funds and large numbers of investors is becoming more complex, repetitive and often labour intensive as ongoing compliance requirements have expanded. Our established systems and processes streamline this, leaving you free to focus on your main mission.

“With the experience we knew Enterprise Angels had in Fund administration it made no sense for Purpose Capital Impact Fund to establish its own administration function. For others requiring Fund administration I highly recommend they consider using specialists like Enterprise Angels. ” – Bill Murphy Executive Director of Purpose Capital Limited

What services do we offer?

1. Establishment Services

  • Investor Application and compliance processing (including AML/CFT, FMCA, FATCA/CRS)
  • Facilitating execution of legal documentation by all LPs/Investors
  • Facilitation of all required registrations including:
    • Limited Partnership Register
    • Companies Register
    • Financial Services Providers Register

2. Investor Management Services

  • Investor registry management
  • Ongoing investor compliance (including AML/CFT, FMCA, FATCA/CRS)
  • Periodic report preparation and distribution
  • Capital call management
  • Capital distributions
  • Resolutions and corporate actions
  • Trades and Transfers

3. Investment Services

  • Investment Registry administration
  • Settlement of funds to investee companies
  • Fund metrics
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Record keeping
  • Bank account reconciliation

4. Fund Administration Support

  • Administration support for governance processes
  • Event management
  • Other administration and marketing support as required

If you have a lot of investors on your cap table, consider having them consolidated into a nominee holding*.  You will only need to deal with the representative of the nominee yet can leverage the wider group of underlying investors as required.  In addition to minimising the number of unit- or shareholders on your share register, you will save time managing corporate actions and simplify communications between you and your investors.  EA Nominee Ltd holds shares/units on behalf of investors in a bare trustee capacity. Investors retain beneficial ownership of their investment and you just have one name on your share register to hold legal title for those investors.

What is a nominee holding company?” provides detailed information on nominee services including the benefits to investors and investee companies and how Enterprise Angels manages its nominee.  Contact us using the form below to find out more.

*only available for Wholesale Investors as defined by the FMCA

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