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Rotorcraft Asia: Spidertracks spins flight tracking web

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Article from ShephardMedia

By Helen Haxell

Rotorcraft Asia: Spidertracks spins flight tracking web

A new Smarter Aircraft Management platform for helicopters is being showcased at Rotorcraft Asia 2017.

The flight tracking service provided by New Zealand-based company Spidertracks will go further than just displaying a helicopter's location.

It will be able to deliver context to operators by including worldwide two-way communications, an emergency management framework, aircraft and pilot scheduling and real-time aircraft tracking in a single platform.

Within the Asian region, the company already has around 800 of its products in use.

In a statement to Rotorcraft Asia Daily News, a company spokesperson said that Spidertracks' tracking service solutions will help operators tackle communications issues found in challenging environments.

'Aircraft operators in Asia face challenges that are quite unique to their part of the world, and a simple solution like Spidertracks fits well to overcoming a lot of these challenges, like limited local communications infrastructure and high-risk remote area operations.

'Spidertracks are looking to strengthen their support to existing customers in the region and develop new relationships at the show.'

The spokesperson added that within the region there has been a noticeable demand for products that offer more than aircraft tracking, citing Spidertxt 2.0, which it launched at Helitech in 2016.

This tracking service is designed to give rotorcraft operators enhanced real-time operational insight into their fleet. Further to an earlier version of Spidertxt, which supports two-way communication – aircraft to ground, ground to aircraft – Spidertracks has built the 2.0 system to run all communication through one channel.

The spokesperson said that Rotorcraft Asia was a suitable place to meet all their customers: 'Singapore is ideally located as [it is] central to a number of our key markets like Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, and to some extent, as a New Zealand-based company the show is practically in our backyard.'

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