EA Fund 1 exits Kiwi Firm Volpara

Excerpt from www.cio.co.nz

Volpara Solutions is helping save lives around the globe using AI technologies that are optimising breast screening to catch breast cancers earlier and reduce costs.

In New Zealand, Volpara recently begun supporting Auckland-based Mercy Radiology and in October signed a contract with its first public sector client, BreastScreen Central (Lower Hutt).

Volpara points out it can be difficult to isolate cancers in breast tissue that is particularly ‘dense’, as both appear white on X-rays.

Read the full article here.

EA Fund 1, Enterprise Angels flagship fund launched in 2014 invested in Volpara (formerly Matakina), netting all EA Fund 1 investors a 2x return when the EA GP Investment Committee made the decision to selldown in May 2018.


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