So much more than just funding!

Enterprise Angels offers our portfolio companies so much more than just funding!


The post-investment relationship with Angel Investors is very important. Enterprise Angels Investors may be able to provide expertise, contacts and more. If you want to find out a bit more about your investors’ expertise, please get in touch.  

To maximise this relationship, we recently developed an Investor Rep programme.

While the Enterprise Angels staff remain relatively static, the number of investee companies is growing and we want to maintain great connections with all of you. The Enterprise Angels Investor Rep will be a shareholder in your company and will assist in investor relations between Enterprise Angels, your company and your Enterprise Angels shareholders, to ensure all parties get the most out of the relationship. When we have chosen an Enterprise Angels Investor Rep for you, we will provide a personal introduction.

Communications to your Investors

It is important to ensure quarterly reports are sent to shareholders within 30 working days after the end of the quarter. If you have any ‘asks’ be sure to mention them, whether that be recruiting or asking for advice in certain areas. Keeping your shareholders up to date will certainly help if you need another round of funding at any stage. Poor communication generally amounts to poor follow-on in capital raises.

Pitch Nights

We encourage you to attend our pitch nights from time to time, to hear what else is happening in the Angel space, keep in contact with your shareholders and potential new investors. Click here for future Pitch Night dates and contact us at least 3 weeks in advance if you would like to provide an update or pitch for funding.

Follow-on rounds and shareholder consents

When you require follow-on funding or consent from shareholders, our nominee company acts on the instructions of underlying investors, so simply:

  1. Forward your message with supporting documents to us
  2. We will circulate and collate responses and provide a single response back to you
  3. We recommend you try to allow 2 weeks for communications to be distributed, responses received and collated and paperwork returned.

In addition to our Angel Members, we also have a wider wholesale Investor audience including over 1000 additional investors and referees interested in the early stage investment space.

Subscribe here to see what we share with our investors and to understand how you can best present your product to these contacts, or to generate interest for when you are next looking for funding.

Corporate and Strategic Partners

We are proud to work with a professional group of partners who have strong reputations throughout the Bay of Plenty and New Zealand and are strong supporters of startups. If you are in the market for any of their services, we strongly recommend you talk to them first regarding your needs – for a full listing please refer here


Enterprise Angels runs regular educational sessions. This includes topics like Angel Investing, Governance, IP etc. Check out check out our event calendar or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated. 

If you have potential investors wanting to understand more about Angel investing,  tell them to check our online Angel Investing 101 session.

Get in touch!

We welcome engagement from anyone interested or involved in the early stage investment market – Investors, Angel Members, Strategic or Corporate Partners, Founders, Incubators or Accelerators, Deal Referrers, Acquisition Partners etc.