Board Pro

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BoardPro is a cloud-based board management platform to manage board workflows, daily enterprise functions and documentation. It caters to nonprofits and small to midsize enterprises. Features include:
  • meeting management,
  • agenda management,
  • minutes management,
  • action items,
  • between meeting resolutions and reports,
  • document management and more.

Enterprise Angels uses BoardPro to ensure our board members and staff spend less time chasing details and documents and more time adding value.

It’s meeting logistics feature focuses on managing scheduling, creating minutes and other outstanding actions. The agenda builder helps users set agendas for meetings and assign tasks to presenters. Documents and other items related to meetings can also be attached. The BoardPro documents repository lets users store data in a single place.

BoardPro provide free governance resources for growing your organisation and adopting good governance practises. From meeting minutes templates to CEO reporting templates, their comprehensive guides and templates will cover your governance and business essentials. 

They also offer webinars and Masterclasses run by governance experts that share practical skills with the purpose of making governance easy. Click here for webinar schedule

We strongly recommend using Boardpro and our portfolio companies receive a 50% discount for 24 months. For more information get in touch.