BSP Advisory Group

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BSP Advisory Group work with Founders of promising, high growth start ups to reduce execution risk and increase the probability of a creating a successful, commercial enterprise. The essence of their work is based on three pillars that underpin their commitment to their clients in delivering their brand promise of Transforming Business – Transforming Lives.

  1. Performance and Results – using expertise and business acumen to help increase the profits and general performance of the businesses they work with.
  2. Support and Confidence –  recognising in the SME community, they  are dealing directly with both individuals and couples who at times are under a lot of stress and can feel isolated. As a small business owners themselves, they understand and empathise with this and the development and support of the business owners/s is equally as important as development of the business.
  3. Education and Resources – As individual advisors they are part of team that has a library of resources as well as various experts that all of their clients can access. They seek high quality service providers and strategic partners that can enhance their own delivery and assist their clients. All existing Clients will have complimentary access to the soon to be launched SBNZ (Small Business NZ) online resource which BSP Advisory Group are the key sponsor.

Transforming Businesses – Transforming Lives recognises that the success of a business affects not only the individual business owners but also their families and their future. Understanding the personal goals and aspirations of their clients acts as a fundamental driver to everything BSP Advisory Group do.