Footfalls & Heartbeats has developed a revolutionary and proprietary process for manufacturing smart textiles proven to measure in real-time compressive force, tensile force and temperature.  Footfalls uses nan-scale interactions within the textile to avoid the need for wires or miniature electronics, making the fabric itself the sensor.  This enables applications in remote physiological monitoring including would compression, respiratory rate and skin temperature.

Footfalls & Heartbeats was founded by New Zealand chemist Simon McMaster who brings many years’ experience researching intelligent textiles.

Footfalls and Heartbeats moved from New Zealand to the United Kingdom in 2015 where it has thrived in Nottingham, the home of weft knitting. It is renowned as one of the most advanced smart textiles knitting labs anywhere in the UK.

REGION – Auckland

INDUSTRY – Biotech

STAGE – Startup


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