A powerful, affordable and easy to use safety monitoring solution
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GetHomeSafe has been on a mission to help create a safer world by developing easy-to-use, yet powerful welfare monitoring technology.

Many safety solutions are clunky, difficult to use, lack engagement, and are too expensive. Founder, Boyd Peacock, decided to focus on a simple goal – getting as many people as possible home safely by engaging them with easy-to-use technology when they’re out working alone. With the GetHomeSafe app, employers can help employees and colleagues to get home safe, while simultaneously reducing costs and complying with legal requirements.

From their original free personal safety app, GetHomeSafe has evolved into a world-class Software as a Service company, with 100,000+ app downloads world-wide. The platform is now used globally to provide peace of mind for a huge variety of businesses, government departments, and organisations.

The GetHomeSafe team have demonstrated an impressive track record. The company is profitable and has maintained 100% YoY revinue growth rate for the last five years. Churn is low at ~3% p/a.

REGION – Otago

INDUSTRY- Software

STAGE – Startup

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