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Nanobubble Agritech provide integrated, retrofittable nanobubble technology solutions for the agricultural sector in New Zealand and Australia. Nanobubble technology has been proven to improve plant growth, resistance to disease, and soil health and moisture retention. Nanobubbles are already used effectively in high value greenhouse operations and hydroponics but no other company has managed to create a cost effective system for mainstream irrigation operations. The Nanobubble Agritech System is retrofitted to existing farm irrigation infrastructure, supersaturates water with oxygen at levels 400% greater than previously attainable. Harnessing this technology Nanobubble Agritech add value to irrigation water, delivering greater production and in turn, greater profits.

Based in Taranaki, Nanobubble Agritech was co-founded in 2020 by husband and wife team Leon Power and Lauren Oehme. The company has now completed more than 15 positive installations & trial sites seeing results of 96% improvement in yield in ryegrass and positive results in fruit including an increase of 25% fruit growth rate and fruit size), citrus (estimated +30%).

Robert Powell from Pacific Channel has been the sole director with Leon since he approached them with an idea, PowerPoint and some market research. Pacific Channel are leading the current raise and has committed 50% ($3m) of the $6 million that will be tranched across two years.

REGION – Taranaki


STAGE – Seed

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