One of the biggest problems facing anyone building or renovating, is visualising what the end space will look and feel like.  Added to that is a seemingly endless number of material options and decisions to be made. From wallpaper and curtain materials, to tiles, flooring and paint colors – trying to imagine how everything will come together can be daunting. 

The stress around the cost and time involved if the end result doesn’t meet expectations can be huge, as even a small building or interior project can be a significant investment.

Having worked with clients for over 20 years and keen to overcome this problem, architect, Virginia Fay founded Patternsnap in 2012. The initial focus was  on setting up a digital sample database for the interior and design industry.  

Virginia and Patternsnap have recently launched the company’s next product, Virlette. 

Virlette  – Virtual Palette –  is a series of beautiful, virtual rooms which are paired with real materials – paint colours, drapery and upholstery fabrics, wallpaper, tiles and flooring.  It gives clients the ability to play, quickly creating completely different ‘looks’ for the same room.   

Virlette brings the power of virtual reality mainstream, enabling consumers to view their selections to scale in a virtual room, before making the commitment in their own space.

REGION – Wellington

INDUSTRY – Software

STAGE – Seed


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