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Mobilizes new capital for systemic social and environmental change. In 2019, Purpose Capital was launched in support of the movement towards Impact Investing.

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Enterprise Angels is launching the Purpose Capital Impact Fund in support of the movement towards Impact Investing.  The Fund is seeking to raise $30 million to generate meaningful impact and financial returns in its regions and across New Zealand.

The Purpose Capital Impact Fund is a collaboration between New Zealand businesses and investment sectors and the philanthropic sector. It combines the power of the commercial sector with the expertise of the philanthropic to bring new resources and capital to projects and organisations working to solve social and environmental problems.

The Fund offers investors an opportunity to make a meaningful impact on our communities and our natural environment, while generating consistent financial returns.

The Fund will invest in areas identified as critically important for the wellbeing of our communities and environment and will focus on sectors where the Investment Manager has deep expertise. The Fund will seek innovative solutions that can be proven, scaled and replicated in all of New Zealand and in particular Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Gisborne regions.

The Fund will focus on four main challenge areas: Affordable Housing, Environmental Degradation, Climate Change and Inequality.

Investing via a Fund is a key way of mitigating risk as each Fund investment has been through a rigorous due diligence and negotiation process and backed by experienced investors.

Download the key terms or complete the expression of interest form here for access to the full Information Memorandum.

Purpose Capital Impact Fund

A key strategy in any investment portfolio is diversification – invest in different asset classes and within those asset classes, invest in different industries, regions and stages. By diversifying, you spread your risk, minimise loss and maximise returns.

The Purpose Capital Impact Fund is now open, register your interest here.

  • Wholesale investors as defined by the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 must be able to certify that they understand the risks involved in early stage investments.
  • Minimum subscription is $100,000