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Founded in 2007, by James McCarthy, Spidertracks is globally recognized as an industry leader, providing aircraft owners and operators fleet management, FDM/FOQA and aviation safety solutions. Delivering an integrated, end-to-end, software and hardware platform, their goal is making it simple for the operator, both from an install perspective and getting immediate access to usable and relevant flight data, resulting in increased safety, and operational efficiencies.

Spidertracks continues to push the boundaries and lead the way towards safer practices and more efficient operations, by breaking down the barriers of traditional flight data recording, providing aviators with a new level of valuable insights.

In April 2022 Spidertracks completed a growth equity investment with Arcadea Group. The investment will enable sustained, strong growth and rapidly increased innovation as the Company scales up to meet global demand.

This represented a health return for our members who had intially invested in Spidertracks back in 2014.

 Read acquisition press release here.


REGION – Bay of Plenty

INDUSTRY – Software

STAGE – Startup