Syndex provides a private investment eco-system for issuers, syndicators, angel communities, investors, intermediaries, private companies, cooperatives, and funds.

It fosters a private market investing community with something for everyone; 

  • Its SaaS platform is transforming back-office operations in investment management releasing hours of admin and eliminating errors.
  • Its marketplace has enabled businesses to grow, which in turn supports communities, social initiatives and our wider economy.
  • Its investor portal gives our investor clients the ability to self-manage their portfolio and strengthens Issuer relations.
  • Its secondary market functionality is breaking barriers that the private markets have historically battled with.

Supporting investors

If you’re an investor looking for interesting opportunities, check out their Marketplace and sign up to their investor newsletter for weekly listing updates here.

Supporting angel and early stage companies

As a business matures it needs good infrastructure and rigour in its management. Syndex offers tools and systems that allow the investor and the founder to focus on the product, not the admin.

If you’re looking to:

∙ Put investors first                                    ∙ Raise capital
∙ Streamline registry                                  ∙ Enhance liquidity
∙ Improve efficiency                                   ∙ Pave your way to NZX
∙ Scale-up effectively

Then contact Syndex to support you…For more information you can visit their website, request a demo or contact us.

If you are a business wanting to capital raise or reduce your administration burden see here.