ADI Clinic

Each month, four founders of start-ups, or owners of businesses wanting to scale-up have the opportunity to meet and get input from Angels members.

ADI Clinic (Angelic Drop-In Clinic) sessions are a great way to engage and understand what angel investors are interested in and need to see from you AND the startup or business.

If you have;

  • started your entrepreneurial journey and have explored (well researched) an idea;
  • have a customer group and/or a product in early stages of development;
  • a team and early validation;
  • a business with recurring revenue and want to scale it

The ADI Clinic will provide you with advice and insight into what angels will look for when you want to raise capital to grow.

This is a free service is facilitated by Venture Centre in Tauranga and Soda Inc in Hamilton and enabled through generous donation of free time of our Enterprise Angels members.

ADI clinicis are also run in other cities throughout New Zealand, to see available locations click here.