Amy is the world’s first scalable private tutor. Amy makes learning maths easy for everyone by understanding the student. The platform uses AI to give students specific feedback when they make mistakes and fills the knowledge gaps which caused them, in real time. Amy is currently integrated into large existing players in the EdTech market allowing a rapid increase in market share and the maintenance of very high margins. Amy destroys the current one size fits none model of education and ushers in the age of completely individualised education.

Amy is lead by a highly experienced team including Jurgen Brandstetter (CTO – PhD in robotic persuasiveness, Masters in game design and has already built a start-up), Ewan Orr (Head of AI – PhD in theoretical physics), Raphael Nolden (CEO –previously lectured mathematical modelling) and Dave Moskovitz (Chair – previous successful exit in the EdTech space and experienced angel investor).

Online maths tutoring has a strong application both inside the classroom as a teacher aide, allowing the teacher to focus on the students most in need, and also increasing the quality of teaching outside the school environment. COVID-19 has increased the relevance of online tutoring by several orders of magnitude and the Amy team are in discussions with several partners that could roll out their solution globally.