Developing a new disease detection device for the dairy industry.
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Mastitis costs Kiwi farmers at least $200 million every year. With increasing incentives to reduce somatic cell counts and new regulations on antibiotic use, farmers need a better solution to identify cows with mastitis so they can treat it with greater accuracy and speed. Current mastitis detection products are either slow or complex.

Bovonic is developing the next generation of dairy technology which will allow farmers to meet ever-growing demands in a healthier, more sustainable way. It will soon release Quadsense, an inline, automated detector which picks up mastitis as soon as the cow drops her milk. Its design is purposefully robust and streamlined, with no extra IT systems to buy into, which makes it affordable for every farmer. This will revolutionise how farmers test for this costly disease, which will not only boost production and profits, but will improve animal health and reduce antibiotic use, emissions, and farmer stress.

This Tauranga company was founded in early 2021 by Liam Kampshof on his return from London, where he worked for four years in medical device product development. Liam was raised on dairy farms in the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, so has used this experience in product development and background in dairy to develop Quadsense.


    REGION – Bay of Plenty

    INDUSTRY- Agtech

    STAGE – Seed

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