Simple, easy to operate video system for adventure tourism operators
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EyeFly video is a simple, easy to operate system which allows Heli, Rafting or Jetboat and other tourism operators to capture on board footage which can be rapidly previewed and sold to customers. The system helps to track videos and increases sales revenue, along with valuable post-sale marketing opportunities and customer analytics.

EyeFly was formed with experts in the tourism and video industries and is completely rewriting the model for adventure tour videos. Using proprietary systems developed from the best professional equipment in the video industry the dedicated hardware captures great videos in impossible places.

Enterprise Angels first invested in Eyefly through EA Fund 2 in 2016 and then again directly in early 2020. The effects of COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on EyeFly but as the tourism industry opens again so does demand for sales.


REGION – Bay of Plenty

INDUSTRY – Software

STAGE – Startup


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