Integration Fox

Taking the cost, time and complexity out of SaaS integrations.
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Integration Fox  is a secure, scalable, and robust way to get software platforms talking effortlessly and in near realtime – without needing a developer.

Most SME’s run multiple software platforms and suffer the pain point of data from one system not integrating with another one leading them to having to enter data multiple times into different systems.

SaaS integrations typically take months to implement as they are usually complex and are very costly. Integration Fox build an integration API between Saas software packages that integrates sales and marketing platforms in just a few weeks, without the expensive price tag. It connects multiple platforms, keeping data up-to-date in a secure and scalable way. Think of it as a mini cloud-based data warehouse that syncs and stores all of the data from various sources, making it easier to access and use. It is one of the only data sync products that goes beyond just Contact data to give a true single view. The interface is so simple that operations can be managed without a developer or manual overheads.

The company was co-founded through a longstanding (15 year) personal and professional relationship between Dave Agent (CPO) and Ryan Watkins (CEO). Both founders hold a complementary skillset covering technical, marketing, management and commercial backgrounds. 

    REGION – Auckland

    INDUSTRY – Software

    STAGE – Startup


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