MARS Bioimaging

Providing the worlds best Bio-Diagnostic images for improved healthcare outcomes.
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MARS Bioimaging has developed a colour CT imaging system that provides best in class images and resolution at a fraction of the cost of regular scanners and at the point of care. MARS Bioimaging Ltd (MARS) was founded to commercialize the cutting-edge Medipix technology (developed at CERN) and bring Spectral photon-counting CT to the clinic. MARS has successfully developed its system with $10m in research sales and completed clinical trials in New Zealand. MARS is now in the process of beginning entry into the US market, having secured HSS (No 1 orthopaedic hospital in the US) as a foundation partner. HSS is currently trialing the product for the first application of wrist imaging, while MARS seeks FDA approval for its Extremity scanner. Pacific Channel is the lead investor who is looking to make the cornerstone investment to the companies Series A round. MARS is led by experienced health tech executive Mark Figgitt.

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REGION – Canterbury

INDUSTRY- Healthtech

STAGE – Seed

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