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Nyriad is an advanced information technology company specialising in streaming storage solutions for big-data and high-performance computing (HPC). Combining the power of GPUs and CPUs to achieve unprecedented capacity, reliability and security, Nyriad is disrupting conventional thinking of current storage architectures.

Cambridge NZ based Nyriad started life as a spin-out out from the Square Kilometre Array (a project to develop the world’s largest multi radio telescope). This was world’s largest HPC project, requiring data streaming, processing, and storage solutions exceeding all traffic on the internet combined by 2017. Work on the project quickly revealed that existing IT solutions could never meet the performance and power requirements of the SKA without a revolution in IT architecture.

Founders Matt Simmons and Alex St. John identified a need for GPU-accelerated storage and have developed products that increase a machine’s storage processing and performance, while drastically reducing power consumption and infrastructure costs.  This technology will have a major impact in markets that require ultra-high-performance processing, e.g. real-time encryption, blockchain, machine learning and AI.

Enterprise Angels first invested in Nyriad in December 2015 and has made many subsequent follow on rounds of investments.

REGION – Waikato

INDUSTRY – Software

STAGE – Startup


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