Extracting high-value bioactives from natural ingredients.
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Finalist, NZ innovator Awards 2014. Quantec discovered and patented Immune Defense Proteins, or IDP®, a novel milk fraction of whey protein isolates which has proven antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. In addition to providing essential amino acids and supporting nutritional outcomes, the bioactive proteins in IDP® are designed by nature to support the body’s immune system with selective antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. IDP® can be used in a variety of applications such as functional foods, supplements, personal care, cosmetics, and animal health remedies. IDP® is the main ingredient in Epiology, a naturally active skincare range clinically proven to prevent acne, and the Milkamune® nutrional range that supports the body’s immune system, enhancing digestive health and supporting joint health and mobility.

In March 2021 it was discoverd that IDP® is effective at protecting cells against COVID-19, and reduce the severity of symptons. The company is undergoig further work on the opportunity this presents.

Based at the Waikato Innovation Park in Hamilton, Quantec was founded back in 2008 by Dr Judy Bragger and Dr Rod Claycomb. Dr Judy Bragger is now Quantec’s and Emeritus Senior Scientist, having retired after nine years with Quantec after leading research into the properties and commercial applications of natural bioactives. Rod sits on the Board of Quantec and is their Innovation Director. 

Enterprise Angels first invested in Quantec in November 2016 and it forms part of the EA Fund 2 portfolio.

REGION – Waikato

INDUSTRY – Biotech

STAGE – Startup


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