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A flexible communication platform that gives you total control of every conversation, anywhere, anytime, on any device
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Spoke turns mobile phones into a complete business phone system in 3 minutes or less. Clients don’t need desk phones, hardware, wires, or an IT guy to make it all work.  Companies use Spoke to improve productivity and drive better customer follow up, with phone calls that take notes, assign tasks, and write follow up actions while you talk.

The Spoke Team are a proven SaaS software operating team, who have built and exited multiple businesses, the last producing $85M of recurring SaaS revenues.  Its founders Jason Kerr, CEO patented the original protocols for TXT messaging,  and Kieron Lawson , CTO, built a call centre stack supporting 30,000 concurrent calls/agents.

Jason and Kieron built Spoke Phone because they saw a “mobile-first” future where employees prefer using a mobile phone, and where companies have more mobile and remote workers. It replaces traditional business telephone systems with a cloud (internet) software-based system and an app on mobile phones, removing the need for any hardware infrastructure.  Spoke provides a company directory, auto receptionist, call routing, call transfer, voicemail, conference calls, local and free phone numbers, along with call recording and AI (artificial intelligence) powered voice transcription to text, for the automated creation of call notes.

COVID-19 has accelerated the Enterprise movement to the cloud and Spoke has pivoted and is capitalising on this. Customers are turning to Spoke when they find that Zoom, Teams, and the rest don’t quite work for their business. They are using Spoke to replace their traditional PBX or cloud phone service. Spoke’s recent partnership announcement with Twilio allow clients to build exactly what they need, and it gives them the flexibility to innovate as their needs change, meaning they are never locked into a system that no longer suits their way of working.

Enterprise Angels first invested directly and via EA Fund 2 in Spoke in 2018, when the company was only two years old. Since then it has grown rapidly including expansion into the US market where they are growing their team base.

REGION – Auckland

INDUSTRY – Software

STAGE – Startup


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