Synthase Biotech

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Synthase Biotech is a specialist enzyme company commercialising a range of enzymes, initially with a focus on bio preserveration and life extension.

A major cause of product degradation and cell death in all living tissue is damage caused by the oxidation of lipids (fats) in cells, the most damaging form of which is “lipid peroxidation”. Synthase’s proprietary technology Aloxsyn® has extraordinary specificity and rates of reaction against toxic lipid peroxides.  Aloxsyn® is a unique solution to this serious problem traversing the biological industries, food and health.

Initial commercialisation is in artificial reproduction of cattle and horses, with future targets in human fertility, foods and beverages, and human health (e.g. strokes and heart attacks).

It has been a portfolio company since 2016 when EA members and EA Fund 2 first invested.

REGION – Waikato

INDUSTRY – Biotech

STAGE – Seed