Vortex Power Systems

A proprietary system to convert any source of wasted heat into electricity.
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Vortex Power Systems Limited are developing a proprietary system to convert any source of waste heat into a zero-carbon powerplant and generate electricity from the wasted energy. The system utilises wasted heat to create an atmospheric vortex and generate electricity from the high wind speeds produced. The team expect using this method could deliver an extra 5% power generation to an existing power station (geothermal, nuclear or coal-fired). This presents a multi-billion opportunity for the company. 

The company is led by a highly experienced team and board

  • Brent Ogilvie (Chairman) is also the managing director of Pacific Channel and ex-CEO of Engender Technologies
  • Perzaan Mehta (GM) is the ex-GM for Orbis Diagnostics. Perzaan’s last role was as Associate with Pacific Channel. He was instrumental in the DD effort into Vortex and ended up seeing so much potential he left Pacific Channel and took a full time role as GM. Perzaan is highly regarded by his previous colleagues.
  • Professor Richard Flay (Scientific lead) has been a professor of mechanical engineering for 27 years at the University of Auckland. He has a history of successful commercial ventures including developing the world’s first wind tunnel capable of producing twisted flow for testing yacht sails. This wind tunnel was used by Team New Zealand to win two Americas cups
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