Thank you for contacting us re raising capital.

Since launching in 2008, Enterprise Angels has facilitated the investment of over $50m in 100 different early stage and established businesses across a variety of industry sectors: agtech, technology, hardware and equipment, software and services, food and beverage and medical-human.

We want to support all kiwi start-ups, however due to the high number of enquiries we receive, we can only be in contact with those who are investment ready.

We do recommend you consider attending an Angelic Drop In (ADI) Clinic, which are a great way to engage with angels whether you have just an idea, a team and first validation, or recurring revenue and need money to scale.  The mentors are Enterprise Angels members and partners, or other Angel Investors with a wealth of expertise. They will help guide you with advice, connections and acquiring funding. For more information click here.

When you have your documentation together and can provide a 1-2 page summary for our review, we would be very interested in hearing from you.

Check out our Capital Raising guide to help you prepare the necessary documentation, and go to our Founder Resources area that links to multitudes of support available.

Plus you may be interested in some of the below blogs we have created to assist in the capital raising process:

We also recommend that you tap into some expert advice to ensure you have the fundamentals covered in terms of finance, compliance and IT. Having good professional advisers (accounting, legal, IP and tax) will give potential investors comfort that your affairs are well managed. They can also be a great source of introductions to potential investors and other connections who may be of benefit to you. Check out our extended partner network that have a wide range of expertise to support you in various different areas.