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Investor Eligibility

Who can join Enterprise Angels?

There are two forms of membership:

  1. individual for those who qualify as eligible; and
  2. corporate for key commercial partners.

It is important to know that by joining Enterprise Angels, no one will be expecting you to invest in businesses from day one. You will be given the opportunity to attend pitches, follow-on investor meetings and due diligence meetings. If an opportunity arises where you have the specific experience required, you may take the opportunity to work on the due diligence team or even become part of a Board. While formal courses and access to industry statistics and best practice is very important, the best way to learn is by actually working on deals with others. 

1. Individual Membership

To qualify for individual membership, applicants must meet the criteria for an 'eligible investor' as specified in clause 41, Schedule 1 of the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 ("FMCA"). 

"41. Eligible investors

A person (A) is an eligible investor, in relation to a relevant transaction or class of relevant transactions, if—

  • (a) A certifies in writing, before the relevant time,—

    • (i) as to the matters specified in subclause (2) or (3) or (4) (as the case may be); and

    • (ii) that A understands the consequences of certifying himself, herself, or itself to be an eligible investor; and

  • (b) A states in the certificate the grounds for this certification; and

  • (c) an authorised financial adviser, a chartered accountant, or a lawyer signs a written confirmation of the certification in accordance with clause 43.

(2) In relation to an offer of financial products (or a class of those transactions), A must certify that A has previous experience in acquiring or disposing of financial products that allows A to assess—

  • (a) the merits of the transaction or class of transactions (including assessing the value and the risks of the financial products involved); and

  • (b) A's own information needs in relation to the transaction or those transactions; and

  • (c) the adequacy of the information provided by any person involved in the transaction or those transactions."

The Eligibility Certification we require to be completed when you invest can be viewed here.

Other criteria for being eligible to invest in early stage companies is detailed in clauses 36 to 40, Schedule 1 of The Financial Markets Conduct Act.  Click here to view details.

2. Corporate Membership

Please contact us if you are interested in supporting Enterprise Angels grow local businesses. 

Check out the companies that currently support us.

How do I join?

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