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Enterprise Angels (EA) is a membership-based investment network. We connect experienced investors with entrepreneurs and innovators. Since launching in 2008, EA has facilitated the investment of over $40M in 80 different early stage and established businesses across a variety of industries.

We have launched three Funds and an online investor platform, AngelEquity, providing wholesale investors throughout New Zealand with access to early-stage investments which have been screened and assessed by angel members.  

You know the old saying ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’? Well it is certainly true when it comes to investing. A key strategy in any investment portfolio is diversification – invest in different asset classes and within those asset classes, invest in different industries, regions and stages. By diversifying, you spread your risk, minimise loss and maximise returns.  A fund is an ideal way to achieve diversification.  EA Fund 3 is now open, view the Promo video below, and register your interest here.



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Got a viable business idea?

Enterprise Angels provide entrepreneurs and innovators access to capital and expertise from our members to help them progress from concept to startup to success! Enterprise Angels members will consider investing in businesses from most industry sectors in the early stages of growth (seed, startup, early expansion). Find out more about how we can help your startup business.

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