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EA Fund 2

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EA Funds invest in early stage companies alongside EA members.

In 2014 we launched our first angel fund, EA Fund 1, and raised a total of $2.4m. 

In late October 2016 EA Fund 2 closed after raising a total of $2.6m.

Investing in an angel fund is an efficient mechanism for wholesale investors to build a portfolio of early stage company investments.  Diversifying your portfolio is one of the keys to achieving better results in all stages of investing, including angel investing.

Please contact us if you would like to be advised of any future funds raised by Enterprise Angels.


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Thinking of becoming an Angel Investor?

Angel investors play a key role in early stage (as well as post-revenue) businesses, by providing both capital and expertise to grow the business. At Enterprise Angels, our investors have a unique opportunity to work with innovative business people and potential co-investors, and gain access to early stage investment opportunities both locally and throughout New Zealand.

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Got a viable business idea?

Enterprise Angels provide entrepreneurs and innovators access to capital and expertise from our members to help them progress from concept to startup to success! Enterprise Angels members will consider investing in businesses from most industry sectors in the early stages of growth (seed, startup, early expansion). Find out more about how we can help your startup business.

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Our Corporate Members

  • Quayside Holdings
  • Rotorua Energy Sqr
  • Personnel Resources Sqr
  • Craigs
  • Woods Creative SQR
  • James Wells SQR
  • Crowe Horwath SQR
  • Sharp Tudhope SQR
  • BECA Square
  • Bnz Sq
  • FAV
  • P1
  • Crombie Lockwood
  • KMPG Sqr
  • CLM
  • Gallagher SQR