Argo Navis

Innovation in space
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Argo Navis Aerospace develop innovative chemical propulsion systems for the space industry. They focus on achieving an unmatched combination of performance, scalability, reliability and cost. Find out here in this short 2 minute video.

The company’s propulsion system was invented by founders Malcolm Snowdon and Avinash Rao. Prior to founding Argo Navis in 2019 Malcolm worked as a Guidance, Navigation & Control Engineer at Rocket Lab, developing the Electron orbital launch vehicle navigation system. Avinash led the development of the guidance, navigation & control systems for Rocket Lab’s Electron launch vehicle before taking up the role of Director of Mission Delivery until mid-2019.

Argo Navis Aerospace is proudly backed by WNT Ventures and Callaghan Innovation. In July 2021 EA Fund 3 invested in Argo Navis.

REGION – Auckland

INDUSTRY – Technology

STAGE – Seed