EA Fund 3

EA Fund 3, Enterprise Angels third early stage side-car fund, will invest in innovative, high-growth New Zealand businesses.

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EA Fund 1 and EA Fund 2 have been successful in providing a valuable funding source for companies raising capital with Enterprise Angels as well as providing increased portfolio diversification for our members and co-investors. Limited Partners of both funds have received distributions and both portfolios have a quality line-up of companies.

EA Fund 3 represents a unique opportunity for Wholesale Investors to invest alongside the largest and best resourced Angel investor group in New Zealand. Enterprise Angels (EA) has grown to 200 members with an experienced professional staff of eight enabling Enterprise Angels to:

  • Source high quality investment opportunities.
  • Negotiate appropriate investment valuation and investor terms.
  • Lead due diligence teams of Enterprise Angels members with deep expertise and experience in industry sectors.
  • Validate investment opportunities through Enterprise Angels Members’ personal investments in companies.
  • Provide post investment expertise to and management of investments including assisting in realising shareholder value.

Investing in early stage companies is high risk and potentially high reward. Investing via a fund is a key way of mitigating this risk as each Fund investment has been through a rigorous due diligence and negotiation process and backed by experienced early stage company investors.

Download the key terms or complete the expression of interest form here for access to the full Information Memorandum.

Fund 3 companies:

EA Fund 3

A key strategy in any investment portfolio is diversification – invest in different asset classes and within those asset classes, invest in different industries, regions and stages. By diversifying, you spread your risk, minimise loss and maximise returns.

If you are interested in investing in early stage companies via an Angel fund, please contact us.

EA Fund 3 is now open, register your interest via the form on the right.

  • Wholesale investors as defined by the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 must be able to certify that they understand the risks involved in early stage investments.
  • Minimum subscription is $30,000