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New frontiers in fruit growing.
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Cropsy is unlocking the full potential of vineyards from Blenheim to Bordeaux with a unique and scalable AI-enabled vision system. This empowers growers to achieve the impossible; understanding the needs and performance of millions of plants at all times, delivering insight-driven crop management to global enterprise companies. Each of Cropsy’s hardware units attaches to an existing tractor. The system sees and understands every single plant while a grower runs their daily crop operations, and profiles every leaf, fruit, shoot, cane, and trunk in real-time as the tractor passes by. This level of insight to growing operations is transformative, and Cropsy is setting the new gold standard; providing the freedom to challenge conventional practices and reach new heights in performance, sustainability, profitability.

The company was started by co-founders Ali Alomari and Leila Deljkovic.  While studying together at university, they were inspired by their engineering honours project, which involved helping researchers find viruses in viticulture. They then grew their team based in Auckland, adding Rory Buchanan who had studied mechatronics and Winston Su who had studied computer science and mathematics.

Enterprise Angels first invested in Cropsy in January 2022 and it is part of the EA Fund 3 portfolio.


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    REGION – Auckland

    INDUSTRY – Agritech

    STAGE – Seed


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