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Yabble has turned the traditional insights industry on its head by creating a direct to consumer model. This model disrupts the archaic, slow and expensive way that brands use to access feedback and opinion data.

Through the Yabble SaaS platform brands can directly connect with both customers and non-customers, giving them a full market picture of their performance.  It has the tools to deliver a variety of market research needs. From one-off surveys, qualitative recruitment and UX/UI testing through to hosting customer communities or voice of customer programmes,

Recently the company launched their first AI product – Hey Yabble.  It takes the heavy lifting out of data analysis by turning unstructured, open-ended data into meaningful insights with precision.

Yabble is part of the EA Fund 3 portfolio and Enterprise Angels made their initial investment in the comapny in August 2020.

REGION – Auckland

INDUSTRY – Software

STAGE – Startup


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