Zenno Astronautics

World's first supermagnets for space applications
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Zenno Astronautics want to make space exploration commercially compelling and sustainable. Their hardware and software products ensure satellite missions are effectively managed, guaranteeing maximum economic returns and responsible use of space.

Founded by former University of Auckland Engineering (Honours) student Max Arshavsky, Zenno pioneers applications of super-magnets in sustainable space exploration. Their magnet propulsion system powered by solar panels could keep satellites in space indefinitely and remove the need for traditional rocket propulsion beyond what is needed to lift an object into orbit.

This solution addresses two of the satellite industry’s biggest environmental black marks, the need to repeatedly launch rockets to replace satellites after they fall back to Earth, and the volume of space junk littering orbit.

    Their current capital raising round is being led by two highly respected New Zealand deep tech venture capital firms.

      REGION – Auckland

      INDUSTRY – Technology

      STAGE – Seed

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