AngelEquity the NZ crowdfunding platform where you can invest alongside angel investors ... consolidates with Enterprise Angels

We launched the AngelEquity site in October 2016, with the vision of attracting new wholesale investors and maximising syndication with other Angel Networks.  

Over the last three years AngelEquity has helped Enterprise Angels grow its investment community to 1780 subscribers.  Approximately $3m has been invested in startups via AngelEquity since its launch.  Over this same time period, a total of $22m was invested by Enterprise Angels investors in 40 startups throughout New Zealand.   Investment and syndication has increased, however the reality is that marketing a separate brand did not provide the commensurate benefit that we anticipated.  We are now going to focus on what we do well – angel membership and growing companies. 

We will continue to leverage the expertise offered by our membership by offering deals to non-member wholesale investors.

If you have invested via AngelEquity you will continue to receive six monthly reporting from EA Nominee Ltd.  Contact us at anytime if you want an interim report.  Keep an eye out for a ‘member only’ section, investor profile and event management coming soon.  The next stage will be a new and improved full-service investor portal that will offer not only the ability to invest online but instant portfolio reporting.

Current Offers

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Learn about early stage investing, and stay in the loop.

Become a member

Members gain priority access to deals, regular pitch nights to hear guest speakers and see early stage deals, the opportunity to participate in due diligence and sit on committees and boards.

People you can trust

The Enterprise Angels team are passionate about growing innovative companies.  Our experienced finance professionals have been working together facilitating funding for unique and scalable companies since 2008.

People you can trust

Our Boards are comprised of groups of dedicated and experienced professionals and members, who voluntarily give their time for the governance of Enterprise Angels and our related entities.

People you can trust

The screening committee is a handpicked group of members with expertise in various disciplines and industries who meet prior to pitch nights to evaluate and discuss the early stage companies who the Enterprise Angels teams have carefully selected.

People you can trust

Meet Brett. Ex-Comvita CEO, Priority One Chair and Callaghan Innovation Advisor, Brett is just one of our many accomplished angels, screening and backing deals offered by Enterprise Angels so that you can invest with a little more confidence.

People you can trust

Enterprise Angels is affiliated with the Angel Association New Zealand. The Angel Association is the champion for early stage investment. They aim to increase the quantity, quality and success of angel investment in New Zealand and in doing so create a greater pool of capital for innovative startup companies.

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Great Customer Service

We go the extra mile for our investors, offering unparalleled customer service. Why not drop one of our friendly team a line with any questions you have.

Risk Warning: Investing in early stage companies involves risk and should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Offers facilitated by Enterprise Angels are for Wholesale Investors who make their own investment decisions and understand the risks. Read the full risk warning.