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What is an Angel Investor?

Angel investors are typically experienced business people seeking investment opportunities in early stage, as well as established businesses. Angel investors may also provide business expertise to companies that seek capital. Members range from young business professionals to wealthy, retired ex-business owners. To be eligible to invest, an individual must qualify as an eligible investor (clause 41, Schedule 1, Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013, see Investor Eligibility for more details). 

Many investors bring specific industry expertise and business skills to the table. The skills of Angel investors extend across a variety of areas including governance, senior management, marketing, sales, finance, technology and operations. 

Enterprise Angels Members typically invest a minimum of $10-$25k per deal though investors may sometimes invest much higher amounts. Diversification is important and many Angel investors build a portfolio of 10 or more investments. We recently launched our Angel Fund (EA Fund 1) which helps provide that vital diversification to our members and other Angel investors. 

Angel investments can be high risk since the entire investment could be lost if an early stage company fails. A key way Angel investors mitigate risk is to invest with other Angel investors. Actively assessing investment opportunities together (completing due diligence) and guiding investee companies post investment can substantially reduce risk. 

Find out more about angel investing by reviewing some of the Angel Association of New Zealand's videos.

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Why belong to Enterprise Angels?

In becoming an Enterprise Angels member you will gain early access to Bay of Plenty and New Zealand wide investment opportunities. You will have the chance to network with a range of experienced business people and become involved in the investment process of deals that interest you and are in your field of expertise. Find out more about the benefits of belonging to Enterprise Angels.

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