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Application to Invest

Thank you for your interest in investing via the Enterprise Angels Designated Business Group (including Enterprise Angels Inc, EA Nominee Ltd, EA GP Ltd and Purpose Capital GP Ltd) (“Enterprise Angels”). 

Please follow the instructions below to complete your investment.  But first, a note about investing entities …

We would certainly prefer you to make your investment in your personal name or a Company due to the nature of compliance requirements to invest via a Trust.  AML/CFT compliance for a Trust requires you to provide a copy of your Trust Deed, Proof of ID and Address for each and every Trustee and Proof of the Trust’s source of Wealth.  It will also necessitate all Trustees executing the documents outlined in item B below.

A. Email Enterprise Angels including:

  • The name of your investment (eg EA Fund 3, Purpose Capital Impact Fund, or any other Enterprise Angels investment
  • The name of your investing entity
  • The amount you are committing to investment 

B. Complete the following and return to onboard@enterpriseangels.co.nz

1. A Wholesale Certificate from here

2. A Client Agreement including the identification documents specified within:

    • Individuals click here
    • Partnerships and Companies click here
    • Trusts click here

3. The EA Nominee Deed from here

Our Corporate Members