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Angelic Drop-in (ADI) Clinic - BOP

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Each month, four founders of start-ups, or owners of businesses wanting to scale-up have the opportunity to meet, get insights and input from people who make angel investments in early stage businesses.

Venture Centre is excited to bring ADI.Clinic to the Bay of Plenty thanks to the support and participation of the members of Enterprise Angels, the largest Angel investor group in New Zealand.

The regular ANGELIC DROP-IN (ADI.Clinic) sessions are already very popular in various cities of New Zealand and are now available locally at Basestation, 148 Durham Street Tauranga.

The free startup advice sessions are a great way to engage and understand what angel investors are interested in, and need to see from founders.

Whether you have just an idea, a team and first validation, or recurring revenue and need money to scale ADI.Clinic is a free service facilitated by Venture Centre and enabled through a generous donation of free time from local investors.


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