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Greenbutton delivers super-computer processing capability to the desktop enabling users to enjoy faster processing speeds using cloud-based technology.
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Rockit™ is a new variety of apple with the potential to be another gold kiwifruit ...
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Menixis Logo
Menixis is a technology development company specialising in particle analysis and holding a number of patents in this area.
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Techion Logo
Teaming up with Menixis, Techion have developed a diagnostic tool enabling farmers to take digital images of animal samples for immediate online lab analysis.
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Heilala Vanilla is a pure vanilla growing, processing and distribution business based in the Bay of Plenty with a plantation in Utungake, Tonga.
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Havelock North Fruit Company hold the worldwide commercialisation rights to Rockit™, a naturally diminutive, rosy, crisp apple which is grown by Rockit™ Orchard Partnership.
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Vocado – The Perfect Fruit Company has developed a unique proprietary processing technique which significantly slows browning, discolouration and souring of processed avocado products.
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Crop damage from birds is a huge problem worldwide. Invisishield have developed technology to interfere with a bird’s ability to detect ripe fruit.
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SYL has developed a semantic based search engine to service large enterprise search and data management.
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Croplogic is an online crop management system for large scale crop growers that assist in water scheduling, optimum nitrogen usage and predicting crop yield and maturity date.
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Supremebiotech Square
Supreme Biotechnologies Limited has established a scalable proprietary algae production factility for Astaxanthin (potent natural antioxidant).
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Footfalls & Heartbeats Square
Footfalls & Heartbeats has developed a proprietary process for manufacturing smart textiles proven to measure in real-time compressive force, tensile force and temperature.
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Ablex SQR
ableX is focused on helping people with arm disorders. They offer enjoyable and affordable systems designed to accelerate stroke recovery.
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Using a patent protected ingredient unique to New Zealand, Zeosoft is creating a world-leading, high performing, natural, environmentally 'positive' solution in skin cleaning, treatment, and care.
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Spidertracks Square
Helicopters and light aircraft are often not on civil radar systems. Spider Tracks Ltd offers a simple, reliable, and affordable solution which solves the problem of missing aircraft. It has a valuable use for aircraft safety and for fleet management purposes.
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Cropx Sqr
CropX is the world's most advanced irrigation software service, delivering dramatic water cost savings and increased crop and dairy yield.
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Polybatics Square
The 21st century presents the world with a unique set of challenges, from water polluted by agricultural and industrial run-off to bioterrorism threats and time constraints in the delivery of new, life-saving drugs. We’re working to solve all of them. PolyBatics’ revolutionary technology harnesses the natural power of cells to create natural polymer particles, or biobeads, covered with proteins engineered to perform specific functions. Since our inception in 2009, we’ve surpassed many milestones that demonstrate the platform’s usefulness in affinity chromatography, biocatalysis, diagnostics and vaccines. Through all this, we’ve eliminated the toxic processes involved in the creation of immobilized proteins by creating them naturally, in bacteria, without using hazardous chemicals. It’s one way that PolyBatics is helping to create a cleaner, healthier world. Located in Palmerston North, New Zealand, PolyBatics was created in 2009 to commercialize biobead technology created at the University of Bochum in Germany by Professor Bernd Rehm.
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Engender Square
Next-generation sex-sorting technology for the livestock industry. Engender’s proprietary technology orients and sorts individual sperm cells in bull semen. It is developing a portable, easy-to-use device that will use microfluidic chips to sort animal semen by gender with a high degree of accuracy (>90%), without damaging motility or fertility, at lower cost than the best existing services.
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Showgizmo Square
ShowGizmo sells event producers the ability to 'mobilise' their events & make money by providing them a web/smartphone application that can be reused. The system enables event participants to exchange information, connect, plan, receive news/alerts, collect leads, measure ROI, view reports – before, during and after events.
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Inro Square
INRO apply robotics to forklifts operating in warehouses, allowing them to function with or without a driver – enabling significant cost savings whilst retaining operational flexibility.
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Biolumic Sqr
Biolumic develops ultraviolet light systems that change the way plants grow by activating certain plant responses that open cellular pathways
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Parrot Analytics SQR June 2016
The holy grail of TV production – being able to predict audience response before production. Parrot Analytics is developing a data science platform to help TV/film content producers, buyers, sellers and advertisers understand global demand for content and accurately predict future country-specific content performance.
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Times 7 Sqr
Times-7 is a leader in antenna design, positioned to become the dominant supplier in the exploding UHF RFID market. Times-7’s patented RFID antennas make the counting of things a breeze
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Hunter Safety Lab Sqr
Hunters killing hunters is a major problem worldwide. Hunter Safety Lab has developed unique smart detection technology to protect lives and prevent accidents in global markets such as hunting, forestry, law enforcement and defence.
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Unovent Sqr
Unovent has designed, developed and produced a home ventilation system for initial sale to home owners in New Zealand. The existing ducted solutions which have been in the market for 18 years are effective - our ductless system is as equally effective, yet costs 25% to 50% of the prior systems and can be installed in a few hours by the owner, ourselves or trades people.
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Balex Colour SQR
People often struggle to launch and retrieve their boats using conventional methods such as hand winches or electric winches. The innovative Balex Automatic Boat Loader automates the launch and retrieval of your boat - without your feet even getting wet.
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Joiy has been recognised as the first premium lifestyle wine in a ready to drink (RTD) format around the world. Joiy is a carbonated, low alcohol wine beverage (250ml) made from riesling grapes, fermented naturally to low alcohol. Unlike wine, Joiy can be consumed as a ready to drink alcoholic beverage and, unlike other wines is encouraged to be used as a mixer base for cocktails.
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Industry: Financial Stage: Start up Location: Wellington Retirement Income Group has developed a unique retirement income solution which has been approved by the Reserve Bank of NZ. The product allows retirees to retain ownership of their savings, receive guaranteed minimum 5% tax free income for life; and withdraw residual capital at any time.
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Asknicely Sqr
How do you identify an unhappy customer before they do something about it? The nicest survey ever. One question, one tap answer. Ask-Nicely is a Net Promoter Score platform to help brands capture and act on customer feedback by way of one-question NPS surveys.
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MEA Logo Black
MEA Mobile is a product lab and creative agency. As a product lab, MEA micro-finances software for mobile phones and tablets and, through this strategy, they have achieved nine #1 apps, and have released over 200 apps including photo printing, fitness, wifi controllable LED lights and more. To their customers, they are a full service creative agency that understands the fundamentals of brand strategy in a world that is more creative then ever.
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Figured New Sqr
Partnering with Xero, Figured has built a business planning platform for farming that allows the Farmer, the accountant, the banker and the farm consultant to budget, re-forecast, conduct livestock valuations, and monitor production reporting. The platform is online, providing a single set of financials for the Farming team to access, plan and analyse from any location on any device.
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Beany SQR
Most SMEs now do their own book-keeping with Xero, MYOB, Quicken, and the like, eliminating much of the work that was formerly done by accountants. However, SMEs still need an accountant to advise on tax matters, business advice, and liaison with the IRD. Beany.biz is that accountant, with on-line convenience, higher quality service and lower cost structures. Beany.biz has developed a full online accountancy product which, for one fixed monthly price, includes all the services delivered by any traditional accountant.
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Inverse Sqr
Using sub-zero temperature, Roholm's Inverse Hair Conditioning System locks in moisture within the hair, improving strength and elasticity. Inverse will be released in New Zealand on 19 October 2015 - go online to read more and add your name to the list!
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Merlot Aero SQR
Merlot Aero Limited is a New Zealand based private company that is a technology and thought leader in the provision and deployment of airline operations software globally. MAL currently serves 33 airlines, operating in 15 countries earning over $5m revenues in 2015.
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SHIFT72 is a secure end-to-end Video On Demand platform provider. Independent distributors use SHIFT72 to sell video content directly to a global audience through their own branded online storefront and protect their titles from privacy.
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Fuel50 Sqr
Through unique, smart technology Fuel50 deliver a compelling career proposition to all employees, gives leaders the insight to engage and motivate their teams, and empowers employees to have a visible pathway.
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Aisleworx SQR
Aisleworx’s goal is to deliver the world’s best family shopping experience by operating fun electronic shopping trolleys which entertain children inside via an internal screen, whilst also targeting other oncoming shoppers via advertising on large external screens Revenue is achieved by leasing carts and selling digital advertising space to major brands who want to reach shoppers.
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Nyriad Sqr
Nyriad Limited is an advanced software company specialising in next generation stream processing solutions for Big Data and High Performance Computing.
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Volpara Health Tech Sq
Volpara Health Technologies offers a globally used, multi-vendor suite of volumetric breast imaging products designed to improve clinical decision making and the early detection of breast cancer.
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Eyefly SQR
An entirely new and radical concept for recording and disseminating flights. Eye-Fly is a Cloud based (internet) service and with its own immersive viewer, ensuring the customer could view and share the flight with friends around the world in just a few hours. Eye-Fly’s product increases profits and brand reach for helicopter, aircraft, whitewater raft, and jet boat tours.
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Ubco Sqr
With its lightweight frame and powerful, near silent motors, the Ubco 2×2 gives you complete control for all your off-road adventures.
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Synthase Biotech SQR
A major cause of product degradation and cell death in all living tissue is damage caused by the oxidation of lipids (fats) in cells, the most damaging form of which is “lipid peroxidation”. Synthase’s proprietary technology – AloxsynTM, is the only natural biological product (found in a plant) known to neutralise lipid peroxides. Synthase will use this technology to launch a product which extends the life of bull semen used in artificial insemination (AI). Synthase has been working with LIC on the use of its enzyme, and is also the recipient of a three-year, $825,000 Project Grant from Callaghan Innovation.
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Quantec Sqr
Finalist, NZ innovator Awards 2014. Quantec has taken high-value bioactives in milk and developed these into a non withholding period mastitis treatment, NZ’s largest selling over the counter acne treatment and a food ingredient.
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Datagate SQR
Datagate is an on-line billing engine and customer service portal that is built on the world's most powerful computing platform - Microsoft Azure. It uses the latest technologies to produce a Cloud-based system that is as powerful as you need, yet affordable and easy to work with.
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Soundswitch SQR
Onesixone Limited has developed a software-hardware solution, called SoundSwitch, which bridges the gap between industry standard DJ software and entertainment lighting systems. SoundSwith offers DJs the ability to seamlessly integrate DMX lighting with live audio, in an easy to use software-hardware package. It is a technology that gives DJs greater creative control and superior performance capabilities, in multiple environments.
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Avertana SQR
Established by a team out of Lanzatech, Avertana is a process technology company that has developed a novel, proprietary technology platform to produce everyday minerals and chemicals from industrial waste streams. Their products are bulk industrial commodities - physical products with tangible value and large, global markets.
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Patternsnap SQR Logo
patternsnap allows Interior Designers to have the world of wallpaper and fabric samples at their fingertips. Snap an image of a pattern, and find the closest matches in the patternsnap database. Browse the entire database of high resolution digital samples from over hundreds of global brands. Search by colour and keywords. Save and share selections with clients in a single click. Beautiful, simple, fast and fun. A virtual sample book in your pocket.
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